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'Loppet', of Nordic origin, commonly refers to a marathon event challenging participants both physically and mentally over courses of varied terrain, obstacles, and environments. Here in the Upper Midwest, it is natural for a Loppet to bring the most enduring contenders together in an ambitious yet cooperative pursuit; often inspiring greater collective achievements.

SANUS Premium TV Mounts

These advanced full-motion TV mounts unite high-end performance with high-end design. Featuring lower profiles, concealed cable routing, covered panel installation, and additonal leveling and positioning features, these stainless steel mounts are a premium choice for modern homes.

SANUS Premium TV Mounts


The world's first and only protective swim cap gives swimmers of all skill levels a cap designed to minimize accidental injuries in the pool. Designed to reduce the shock of accidental head strikes, this cap also provides features that make it both comfortable and fast for racers at all levels.

hammerhead swim cap

SONOS Speaker Stands

This set of wireless speaker stands designed to compliment the aesthetics of the SONOS family of speakers; featuring internal power cable concealment and tool-free height adjustability for optimal listening performance.

sonos speaker stands

Graphic Interface

Through extensive field research and professional interviews, this multi-display interface was developed to streamline treatment operations on this new cath lab tech, launched in 2010 and updated in 2018. Images are a courtesy with all rights reserved by

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The professional privacy HD conferencing system by Vaddio introduces a multitude of never before seen technologies to create a new category of high-end architectual cameras.

Winner of a 2010 IDA Bronze award for excellence in product design.

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Extreme Cold Balaclava

Extreme Balaclava w/Hot Rox™: Technologically advanced high-performance cold weather mask combats the damaging effects of cold air, controls moisture to keep your face dry, and keeps you warm.

Ergodyne Balaclava

Annuloplasty Implant Delivery

A scalable architecture that gurantees precise, and accurate delivery of both soft and semi-rigid heart valve reconstruction bands. The new retainer design provides flexible, clear, quick release functionality on a minimalistic, space saving platform.

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TREX Ice Traction

Designed for durability these cleated grips are guaranteed to stay flexible down to -40 degrees celsius. With added bumper material around the toe and an ergonomic pull-tab that springs flat against your heel for a comfortable, snug fit.

Ergodyne Balaclava


Design for durability. Stamped and annodized from aluminum billet, each biner features a smaller footprint with larger opening space per weight standard, as well as full swivel and quick release options.

Ergodyne Carabiners

Lightweight Kneepads

Design for comfort and mobility. Featuring internal gel cushioning and extended high-tread surfaces to distribute pressures and stabilize grip on harsh surfaces.

Ergodyne Kneepads

Full Length Kneepad

Biggest, baddest beast you can get. Monster to the world, teddy bear to your knees and tendons. Featuring advanced wet and dry surface grip tech and added protection from punctures.

Ergodyne Kneepads

Product Development Services

Welcome to Loppet Design, a product development services company located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Loppet Design is part of a co-operative business environment comprised of similar development and technology based small companies. Our growing office currently supplies industrial design, mechanical engineering, intellectual property & legal services, rapid and machine prototyping, packaging design and production support.

Loppet Design’s adaptive services model offers our clients highly capable resources available on-demand. While maintaining a focus on design we are able to include and scale the right-fit talent through each phase of the development process under one roof. Our collaborative approach utilizes highly experienced staff which have each grown successful relationships within a diverse client base. Startup friendly with big business proficiency, the strength of this organizational structure has allowed us to strategically offer development plans of greater capability and flexibility while maintaining a diversity of experience & exposure. In return, these efforts fuel the fresh creativity enterprise class clients are looking for.

Contact Us

Loppet Design Incorporated - map link
287 East 6th Street - Suite 160
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101 - send email
651 335-5911